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Tournament Introduction


What is Solveathon?

Solveathon is a combination of ‘Solve’ and ‘Marathon.’ As a team, individuals participate in a ‘marathon of solutions,’ in which they must present original ideas addressing various social issues. Debate Korea was the first organization to apply the Solveathon challenge in Korea, which originated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The tournament aims to establish a platform that embodies the passion for solving social issues and enthusiasm for discussion and debate.

Debate Korea benchmarked a workshop-oriented approach of the original Solveathon and implemented this new format in Korea. In this version of the Solveathon, each team develops a solution to a given set of problems through ideation and incubation workshops led by experts. These solutions are then reviewed and challenged by competing teams and a panel of judges during several rounds of debates. Finally, polished and improved solutions are presented to companies and institutions, providing a foundation for innovative change in those respective environments. We hope the Solveathon offers optimal solutions to social problems at home and abroad and establishes a new form of academic sport for the youth.


Purpose of Solveathon

In the <KB Solveathon: Innovate KB!> hosted by KB Financial Group and organized by Debate Korea, participants develop strategies to fulfill KB Financial Group’s mission, “Financial service delivering changes.” Participants will compete in teams of four, and a panel of selected judges will evaluate each team using the following methods: Idea Battle, Mission Debate, and Mission Defense.

Participants who propose innovative and transformative solutions further develop their ideas through discussions and expert workshops. As virtual CEOs, participants will contribute to KB Financial Group's future strategy and make practical changes in the company's social role. Providing numerous benefits to participants and producing practical solutions, the tournament will be an excellent experience for the youth to change the world at home and abroad.


Solveathon Keywords


Growth through multi-directional communication


Ideas that constantly evolve


Solutions that are realized in the world


Opportunities to interact with global youth

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