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Semifinals and Grand Final

The 4 teams that proved to be the best solutions for each theme through the quarterfinal online idea voting, in which KB employees participated directly, advanced to the semifinals at 10AM on December 1, 2022, at KB Financial Group Yeouido Headquarters. Solvers competed under a different theme from the octofinals and quarterfinals,

[“Building the 'No.1 Financial Platform' that Creates Social Value”].

Each round took place simultaneously in different locations. The match-ups were arranged as follows: 'ESG Theme' vs 'New Growth Theme', and 'Global Theme' vs 'Digital Theme'.

The finals were held at 2PM, soon after the semifinals. All 64 solvers who advanced to the octofinals were present to observe and cheer for the finals. The KBJG team from the ‘Global’ theme won the 2022 KB Solveathon Tournament.

Photos from Semifinals and Grand Final

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