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Training Camp for Octofinals

The 2022 KB Solveathon Tournament octofinals were held from November 24 to 26 for two nights and three days

at KB Insurance Ingenium located in Suwon.

Before starting the rounds, solvers participated in various activities to enhance their creative insights and problem-solving abilities required for success in the tournament. Through conversations with the CEO, solvers had the opportunity to hear from KB Financial Group Chairman Jong-kyu Yoon directly about KB's medium-to-long-term goals and initiatives. They also learned various debating skills necessary for the competition through lectures by experts.


The octofinals were conducted using themes different from the preliminaries, and each team was given 42 hours and 19 minutes of preparation time after the theme announcement. The rounds were held with four different themes, and the two winning teams for each theme could earn a ticket to advance to the quarterfinals.

Themes for Octo Finals



Strategies to strengthen competitive advantages of new businesses through ESG models


#Rising Industries

Strategies to enhance the public image of leading ESG companies through innovative financial services

global-network (1).png


Strategies to utilize digital technology to expand businesses globally



Strategies to enhance the global competitiveness of digital financial services


DAY 1 (11/24)

DAY 3 (11/26)


DAY 2 (11/25)


Photos from Octofinals

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